In the Bukovina Carpathians, there are hidden 5 white domes that ensured control of the USSR air border. The remains of the station with the callsign “Pamir” are still at the top of Mount Tomnatik on the border with Romania. Now it is a very beautiful futuristic place. From here a beautiful view of the mountains opens, you can admire sunsets and sunrises or watch the starry sky. You definitely need to spend the night here to enjoy all this beauty.

History, interesting facts

“Pamir” is an abandoned radar station in Bukovina. The former secret facility is located on Mount Tomnatic, almost on the border with Romania. At an altitude of 1565 meters above sea level, 5 antenna domes have been preserved. It housed an airspace tracking system. The all-round antennas provided continuous monitoring that had lasted for almost 30 years since 1960.

How to get there, route

Pamir radar station, Pamir

It is best to start your journey from Chernivtsi, which can be reached by road or rail. Already from there, by car or suburban buses, you should go through Beregomet towards the Shepit village. On the way there will be only a 22-kilometer stretch of rocky road with serpentines, and the remaining 100 km are quite good. The journey takes about 3 hours.

Road to Pamir

A 15-kilometer route to the Pamir station begins from the Shepit village. The road is rocky and difficult to pass, I definitely do not recommend driving by car. Although the whole village and tourists only talk about Tesla, on which they were able to climb the Pamir. We climbed on our Mazda CX-5 crossover without any problems.
For those who feel sorry for their car, there are many transfer offers. The price is about 1200 UAH. in both directions from a six-seater car.
For hikers, you need to walk 12 kilometers on a normal road without difficult ascents and descents through a beautiful forest.


Accommodation, hotels

At the top of the Pamir, there is only one living space with electricity. This allows travelers, if necessary, to charge their cell phone, batteries from photo / video cameras, etc. Or hide in bad weather. In winter, you can also light up the stove here and keep warm.


Cellular communication in this area is exclusively Kyivstar or roaming through Romania. Therefore, if you want to be in touch, this must be taken into account.

Nearby attractions

Gornoye Oko

Gornoe Oko, Gornoe oko
Gornoye Oko is a lake in the Ukrainian Carpathians. It has several more names – Bukovynskoe Oko, Carpathian Oko . The lake is located at an altitude of about 1000 meters above sea level, it has an oval shape with a length of 100 m. At the moment, the depth of the lake is impossible to find out through huge flooded trees that are located in a chaotic manner. It is assumed that the depth of the lake is about 6 meters.
A 15-kilometer route to the lake is laid from the Pamir station. The route is not difficult, the journey takes about 4 hours.

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