Lemurian lake

There is an amazing lake in the Kherson region. It is noteworthy primarily for the color of the water, which is distinguished by its characteristic pink color.

History of origin, interesting facts

One of the legends says that Lemurian Lake is a crater formed after the crash of a bomber in 1960. There is another legend according to which the lake is considered to be the remains of the legendary Lemurian Sea, which existed here millions of years ago.
In fact, the Lemurian Lake is the Western Sivash, separated from the Central by the Kugaran dam. The lake area is about 350 km².
For its healing properties, the lake is called the Ukrainian Dead Sea. Here you can just as well lie on the water without putting any effort into it. This is not surprising, because the salt content in its water is approximately 300 grams per liter – the same as in the Dead Sea, although some argue that the salinity of our “sea” is even higher.
The depth of the lake is maximum knee-deep, so you won’t be able to swim.

Why pink

Lemurian (Pink ) lake, Lemurian lake

The concentration of salt in the lake water creates ideal conditions for the life of algae and bacteria. This degree of salinity is a necessary condition for their life. The production of carotenoids neutralizes the effect of active sunlight on these microorganisms. It is these defense mechanisms of the simplest that determine the color of the water – hot pink, scarlet and other similar shades.
At sunset, the lake is completely reincarnated. The water stops being so pink and the lake merges with the sky. The beauty!

Where is

Lemurian Lake is an amazing place in the south of Ukraine. The lake is located near the village of Grigorovka, Chaplynsky district, Kherson region. It is also called the Lemurian Sea, the Pink Lake.
Most often, everyone comes to the village of Grigorovka, where local entrepreneurs have arranged a little territory and collect a fee for this. Price – 50 UAH per person. There are showers, a toilet, a separate fee for the gazebos. Bring food with you, there is nowhere to buy. But, it is better to go to the neighboring village of Ivanovka. The best view of the lake opens from here, you can relax freely and free of charge.

Coordinates on the map

How to get there

To get to the pink lake, first you need to get to Kherson, and already from it there are regular flights to the regional center of Chaplinka. Then take a bus or taxi to the village of Grigorovka or Ivanovka. But, better on your own car, the road is generally good.

Where to stay, accommodation

Now the infrastructure is very poorly developed, there are no good hotels or apartments. Coming to the Lemurian Lake, you can rent an apartment in the private sector in the nearest villages, Grigorievka or Ivanovka. Locals offer tourists cozy cottages with everything they need, including Wi-Fi, but be prepared for “Spartan conditions”. The cost of living here varies from 100 to 300 hryvnia, depending on the services and meals provided. And to the pink lake, trips are organized for an average of 50 UAH. round trip.
Camping enthusiasts can spend the night with a tent on the shore of the lake, but for this you will need to stock up on fresh water to wash off the salt.

When to go

The season starts in May and ends in September. The optimal period to visit the lake is mid-summer, from late June to mid-August. In the midst of the hot season, the water actively evaporates, and the rest takes on an even more intense pink color.

Water temperature

During the season, the average water temperature does not drop below 20 ° C and is therefore suitable for comfortable swimming. The average water temperature in winter reaches 2 ° C, in spring 13 ° C, in summer the average temperature rises to 26 ° C, and in autumn it is 15 ° C.

Treatment, benefits

Thanks to the salt, the waters of the lake acquire healing properties. Swimming in a pond helps to increase immunity, it is useful for people with joint and skin diseases, in particular psoriasis.
On the shore of the lake there is a hole with a diameter of about 20 – 40 meters. And the mud from the bottom of this pit is certified as curative. By the way, you can take the healing mud of the lake with you. They are sold here at a price of 30-50 UAH / kg.

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